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Teens on Torah

A place for teens to discuss Jewish texts

Drunk Priests

Have you ever had a glass of Merlot? More likely a can of White Claw. Regardless, you probably experienced a slight blurring of the...

The Ocean's Salty

In Parashat Vayikra, God commands that salt be sprinkled on every sacrifice that is offered on the altar in the Tabernacle. JPS renders...

The Tzitz

In Parashat Pekudei, the portion of this past week, the garments and adornments of the High Priest are made. Among these is the tzitz,...

The Patek and The Ark

Open up the back of a Patek Philippe watch, and you will find a world of beautifully polished, beveled gears. It's the same with many...

My First Post!

(Footnotes appear as red numbers) The Book of Exodus begins with Parashat Shemot. In Shemot, the Israelites are multiplying rapidly in...

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